I subscribe to the ‘pay-it-forward’ approach to networking.

Toward that end; I try to actively post replies to a certain business networking website (which is easy to figure out) in an attempt to share my expertise. That said; if I submit a response, please do not automatically equate that with our joining networks, etc. Moreover, while I cannot actually STOP anyone from doing so; I would appreciate it if you advise the greater community that you are going to take someone’s post (mine in this instance) and re-post it as a comment on your blog, etc. By doing so, you are not only being professional / courteous, you are letting someone know in advance that a comment that was originally intended for one specific medium’s consumption is to be used otherwise.

All told, it is VERY irksome (putting it mildly) when commentary is taken from this medium and posted on a blog whereas it gives off an impression that a comment was originally submitted – when that was NOT actually the case! In sum; I’m not inclined to post comments on any given website as I have worked hard to build an online presence that’s been very focused in my concentration. Nevertheless, the reality is that in the ‘unknown nether-regions of the Internet’ the result is often times not what one specifically intended (no matter how much their respective efforts are / were otherwise!)

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