Photography is a passion! Music, technology and travel all sparked a life-long interest in photography.

Growing up listening to classical and jazz and being exposed to art were the norm – this foundation led to the discovery and exploration of many genres: rock, most certainly, the blues, and in particular, new wave; which utilized technology heavily.

Technology was a natural extension due to a curious nature regarding the ‘why’ of how things worked. Combined with music and and resulted in simply being captivated by how creative the application of production was to the recording process, and obviously, the end result. That curiosity still stirs within to this very day‚Ķ

Travel was the next logical step, as creativity (and technology) know no bounds. Gadgetry and innovation spurred curiosity about the places where a seemingly endless stream of products came from…

The three led to today: starting out with a camera it was just never fulfilling having to wait for the end result… the culmination of this lack of satisfaction all ended in Akihabara, Japan, walking through the labyrinth that was a man-made maze of electronic wizardry.

Time’s passes… Several thousand digital shots ‘richer’ with a never-ending quest for capturing that ‘one-shot’ which sums it all up… yet, there’s an understanding that it’s never ‘one-shot’ that is definitive; it’s the quest of pursuit that is ultimately what defines a true photographer.

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