Are You On Facebook?

No, I am not and here is a major reason why. Pre-Facebook and before the advent of MySpace people registered a URL. Concurrent to Facebook’s early General Public availability another option arose with LinkedIn. Then, as a Silicon Valley Executive (already having a URL), I became an early LinkedIn user and found it beneficial until around the time LinkedIn Answers began paralleling ‘Likes’ on Facebook, i.e., people seemingly posting responses to generate higher rankings. Users also began taking LinkedIn Answers and re-posting them on external websites (which happened to me numerous times) without the writer’s expressed permission. Furthermore, around the time LinkedIn Answers was suspended my pursuing advanced degrees (when you see who your ‘friends’ actually are) coupled with the evolving reports over the past year or so of how data has been used as a weapon for nefarious purposes reminds me of the importance of cherishing and nurturing friendships as well as my suspicion of Social Networking. Finally, for the nay-sayers, I also understand this medium has many positive impacts and hope as time advances better parameters can evolve… amongst other beneficial factors…

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