“Nothing endures but change.” – Heraclitus.

Taking this as my motto; I have undergone a transition to academia whereas I am fulfilling a long-standing goal of (hopefully) imparting some of what I have had the good fortune of experiencing as an executive to undergraduate students (and it’s been a truly rewarding endeavor)… working on becoming a more fully formed Educator has been the culmination of my experiences and observations throughout my life and travels.

My passion is Education; business and assisting organizations maximize their global developmental opportunities. And, I embrace the challenge of facing the ever-increasing complexity of global environment. While the pace of globalization and innovation continues to quicken; I am clear that sound fundamentals such as guanxi, and doing what’s best for all parties involved will always hold true.

My professional background was forged primarily in Silicon Valley where I was fortunate to work with a wide-range of creative, intelligent and motivated individuals who mentored (continuing to do so until this day) as well as encouraged me to grow as both a professional and person. In this environment, I saw first-hand the consistent orientation towards Edison’s quote, “Genius is one percent inspiration; ninety-nine percent perspiration” (Harper’s Monthly, 1932). When harnessed the Valley’s energy is infectious and inspirational – resulting in outcomes that are often (seemingly) impossible at the outset.

As an Executive, I have conducted business in North American, Europe and Asia (where my true enthusiasm is). I genuinely relish working cross-culturally; developing sound strategies with all levels of management; and, experiencing repeatedly that the most successful and effective marketing and sales results stem from a well-thought out and executed strategy.

I enjoy being an individual, and/or a group contributor, and am comfortable in intrapreneurial or entrepreneurial environments ranging from a start-up to an established corporation where risks are not just rewarded but encouraged; all involved are vested, and, fully accountable.

Within my personal life, I am passionate about photography, guitar, drums, music, cooking, peace studies, philosophy, international travel, cultural exchange, art, and non-denominational organizations focused on the environment and sustainable development.
These pursuits anchor my value-based business approach where social consciousness and profit are not mutually exclusive.

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